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We are experts in providing online, offline solutions that are innovative, modern and scalable, that improve your business to the next level.

Finally a Technology Solution For All Of Your Business


Stop manual
service operations

If your business is like most, still using old legacy inefficient and complex manual service and sales operations. Its not attractive for today’s customers who are looking for awestruck experience in everything they involved be it business or purchase or food etc.. Our ERP solutions are very much capable enough to provide that experience to your customers by providing easy, innovative and streamlined processes for all your operations.

We design, build and deliver the Enterprise Level solutions to simply your operations, effective usage of money and resources and enlighten the new ways for engaging your customers. We helps you to get streamlined and focused digital self service capabilities, combine your individual process and configure streamlined operating models and regulated workflows for your customer service, sales and other finance processes.

Supported by intelligent analytics, latest trend metrics and improved managed services, we help to modernize how you work and where to focus your time and energy as well.


Powerful websites that simply works better

Endusers / Clients are reaching out to Bigblue for digital transformation and develop next-generation IT solutions with optimal expenses while optimizing their legacy operations and systems.

Bigblue provides the authoriative to the cusomters for the entire software SDLC cycle including all the phases analysis, design, implementaion and testing. In addition, we will collaborate with your IT teams to provide the intergrated cooperative development solutions as well.

With advanced proven ablitiy, our experts always think far ahead for the clients requirements and provide the exemplery services / features in the websites. We will help you to reduce your technical debt with optimal cost as well. Thus you will be well ahead than your competitors in your business and hope you to expand your business further across globe locations.

mobile apps

Tell your ideas, we develop app for you

When billions of users have smartphones in their hands, your business needs to reach their hands. With latest technology advancements we can build mobile apps quickly with affordable price.

With an expert team in Native iOS, Android, Angular and Other open source App development platforms we can suggest the best technology platforms for your product.

Get in touch with us and reach your business in the hands of billions of users

search engine optimization (SEO)

Digital Marketing

What if you have a great website but not found by your customers in first page of search engine result page? You will be missing high inbound traffic, which means you are missing high quality of customers .

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the method of achieving higher rankings in the search engines like Google and Bing for a particular keyword that is relevant to your business. So when someone searches for that particular phrase, your website appears on the first page of the search engines.

We offer services like Keyword Research, Onpage & Offpage SEO, Content Marketing, Competitor Analysis, Monthly report

Email Services

Market your business with every email

Your domain is a key to build your brand. When your email address has your company name then you are marketing your brand in every email that you send.

Emails should sent in a safe, secure way when you are sending from your company brand name. Bigblue helps to keep your data safe and has a advanced set of tool that helps to protect your organisation data.

Our Email services are crafted to meet various international standards and we undergo routine audits on our servers to keep your data safe from hackers.

Cloud & On-Premise Solutions

Cloud vs On Premise

Cloud-based server utilizes virtual technology to host your application offsite. No capital expenses required, Backups are done regularly, pay for the resources you use.

Whether a organisation places its applications in the cloud or whether it decides to keep them on premises, data security will always be predominant. Data located within your in-house servers and IT infrastructure provides more peace of mind anyway.

On-Premise helps you to have complete control over your systems and maintain 100 percent privacy

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